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SnapDesk – Realtime IT-Monitoring

Due to the increasing complexity of IT systems and processes, combined with the increasing demands of business-critical applications, the timely correction of errors has become indispensable. The seamless monitoring, rapid cause identification, and appropriate response determination is necessary in order to reduce production and sales losses, and to increase the quality of your product, especially in the eyes of your customers. You know it: It is only a question of time until the next error. Be prepared and maintain the best possible overview!

Display your IT processes using the intuitive graphic editor

The unique, browser-based, and user-friendly graphic editor enables you to transform your environment into a living and tangible view. The result is the visualization of even the most complex environment, putting you in the position to detect errors and their causes, evaluate their impact, and to make corrective actions accordingly across your IT landscape. Use the numerous graphic objects to represent various types of information.

Let the clear operating concept for systematic monitoring guide you

SnapDesk is capable of detecting and notifying you of errors in realtime, based on your needs. You can select between email and / or cost-obligatory SMS notifications. Attention to detail has been taken to ensure that the error analysis is displayed in the correct logical and chronological order, providing you with a detailed description of the fault. The integrated documentation capabilities assist you in determining the root cause of the system error, allowing you to restore normal operational conditions as quickly as possible.

Set up your SnapDesk account without complicated software installation

Do not waste your valuable resources with the administration of a monitoring solution, but instead use them to support your environment. In today’s world, there is a significant advantage to providing a current view of your systems, allowing in the perfect situation that many experts can collaborate on troubleshooting an issue, from every corner of the globe with only an internet connection. SnapDesk is there, to provide you with a modern and innovative solution, to drive your core business successfully and professionally.

Use SnapDesk’s flexible pricing model for your customized solution

The optimized pricing model of SnapDesk provides the ideal solution, based solely on your needs. You’ll get full transparency about the costs. Avoid high implementation costs, and never pay for consulting services, training, or maintenance contracts, when you start using SnapDesk today, easily and free of charge.

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