Snapdesk IT-Monitoring

How SnapDesk IT-Monitoring works

Familiarize yourself with the main features of SnapDesk. Discover how the user-friendly UI brings you quickly to your destination. Due to its modular design, you will always know in which area you are working – visualization, search, or configuration.

Better visualize and discover your IT environment

SnapDesk is the platform which provides you a clear overview of your IT Environment. Realize information management with focus on visual perception, combined with your know-how.
SnapDesk enables you to design your system, and navigate within it in the easiest possible way. Depending on the complexity of the stored data, you have access to your IT systems around-the-clock and from anywhere in the world. With the access to this data, you can perform research, detect trends, discover system anomalies and better understand your environment. Using appropriate access rules can protect areas of your environment from unauthorized access.

Measure system status and check the agents

Agents, lightwight indispensable tools that collect readings and process them in order to send to SnapDesk. You have the choice of installing the Agents directly on the target system, or have them monitor from a central network point within your IT environment. The control of the agents is performed directly from the SnapDesk user-interface. Even here, various security mechanisms are used to prevent unauthorized manipulation, and to ensure reliable data-transmissions.

Use SnapDesk based on your needs, and at a predictable cost

The use of SnapDesk is already available with restrictions for free of charge. A monthly fee is added depending on the frequency of measurements, which adjusts depending on your needs. This model is independent from the number of systems to be monitored, or the number of users. Instead, the polling frequency of each indicator determines your costs. These costs make it possible for the further development and operations of SnapDesk. You benefit from an continual improved tool, without acquisition and maintenance costs.

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