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Repricing & Shop-Management

To successfully sell on Amazon, in addition to your excellent sales process and service quality you need to always monitor the competition and the prices. However, this is an impossible task if you don’t use SnapTrade, because on Amazon you do not sell for cheapest price only – many other criteria matters. To increase your sales, you should familiarize yourself with the advantages of SnapTrade.

Keep an eye on products and competition

You offer several hundreds or even thousands of articles and want to keep track of the prices and your competitors? Only limited opportunities are provided by the merchant interface on Amazon . There, you could generate comprehensive reports and generate custom reports in Excel. Remember, the effort necessary for it!
SnapTrade makes it easy, because it is designed from the ground up to boost your sales and improve your product range. SnapTrade is your essential tool when managing your Amazon Stores. Future decisions are based on the substantial facts:

  • Competitor-ranking on products, pricing, FBA, BuyBox etc.
  • Products analysis and sales recommendations
  • Bestsellers sales analysis and comparison of growth

In addition to the deep insight into your existing product range, SnapTrade includes an extensive database of Amazon products with corresponding detailed information. These are designed to optimize your product range and to focus on products that you have not considered before.

Attractive Prices and Historical Data at any time

No one is able to handle the demand of price changes on Amazon promptly to adapt them to the market. Nevertheless, it is precisely the decisive influence on your trade. Amazon promises to customers – your customers – attractive prices. Amazon secures the expected growth in an online market that is constantly changing and is characterized by competition.
SnapTrade is able to process each price change immediately and makes appropriate adjustments. You can flexibly define your rules for your products at the best price and margin-optimized offers. To obtain an optimal result, the possibility to reference the rules for the observance of deals specifically define:

  • Seller
  • Feedback
  • Shipping duration
  • Special strategies

In addition to the actual repricing SnapTrade records all changes and uses appropriate means of illustration. This allows you to gain an insight into the pricing and proposal development and react appropriately.

External connectivity enables customized automation

Purchase prices are constantly changing, making it necessary to change prices immediately. This enables your business to profit from discounts of your suppliers to always cover costs and profit optimization.
The XML interface of SnapTrade gives you access to your products, and allows individual adjustments. This allows you to implement sophisticated market strategies, which are – even with SnapTrade – cumbersome to manage. Now you are always one step ahead of your competition!