About us – SnapSoft GmbH

We, SnapSoft GmbH, have been offering software solutions since 2013. At the beginning we were called LiCuIn UG (limited liability). On March 13, 2017, we renamed SnapSoft GmbH. With the change from the name LiCuIn UG to SnapSoft GmbH, we have created a uniformly strong brand and identity. In the meantime, our customer base has grown to more than 500 customers.

What does SnapSoft stand for?

Snap stands for snapping your fingers,
Soft stands for software.

It is our aim to develop software that makes the daily work of the users easier. As with the proverbial snap of your finger, you have all the important data at hand and you retain control over the business processes.

With our philosophy, we focus on our customers and offer tailor-made, high-quality software for various areas of application.

Our team

Clemens Schubert has been managing director since the start of the company. Thanks to his many years of professional experience in the field of software development for special monitoring software, we were able to expand our product portfolio over the course of the company to include IT solutions in the e-commerce sector.

Our customer service and sales team is an important link between our IT solutions and the demands of our customers. All employees are on hand to provide users with specialist know-how relating to the various software applications.

Our software solutions

Amazon Repricing

SnapTrade is our software solution for e-commerce retailers and has been continuously developed since 2014. Next Repricing for Amazon we have been offering a tool for Amazon product research since 2016: the ASIN advisor . This has been completed since January 2019 ebay repricing our product range.

SnapDesk is a highly professional platform for IT monitoring and supports the monitoring of complex, business-critical environments.

Tailor-made software developments enable our customers to benefit from new perspectives through optimized and automated processes.