Snapdesk IT-Monitoring

Monitoring of your IT systems - intuitive, simple and reliable

SnapDesk is the platform that allows you to clear overview of your IT systems. Interactions and dependencies of different systems are accurately represented. On the basis of measurements, analyzes and charts are available around the clock important information to the constant availability of your environment to ensure.

Visual Detection and Alerting

Support your senses in the monitoring of complex, mission-critical environments

  • Visualization of your IT systems
  • Intuitive Infographic Editor with many elements
  • Templates for reusable objects
  • Logical views and grouping

Detect and Resolve problems in real-time

Gain overview of the root cause and effects of system disruptions

  • Resource efficient real-time monitoring
  • Interfaces for standardized protocols
  • Notifications via E-Mail or SMS
  • Detailed assessment and error analysis

Simple integration into every environment

Use your own personnel resources for supporting your product

  • Minimal, Maintenance-free installation effort
  • No investment in expensive software and hardware
  • Multi-user access and rights management
  • Flexible Pricing

Intuitive Editor

Design a comprehensive model of your IT systems with the integrated editor and make use of the various graphical illustration elements.

Clear operating concept

Let SnapDesk guide you and obtain deeper insight into your infrastructure and applications through powerful indicators and versatile search options.

Ideal Implementation

Don't waste time with the administration of monitoring software. Instead, use your know-how to support your business processes. Resolve problems together.

Flexible Pricing

Start simple and free of charge with SnapDesk and build it according to your needs. Profit from the constant development of the product.

  • Real-time Monitoring and Visualization
  • Intuitive operating concept and easy setup
  • Clear identification of Problems and Errors
  • Maintenance-free Online Service (SaaS)
  • Worldwide, secure access
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