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XML-Interface – Automated Quality

Current prices and accurate inventory listing is crucial to protect yourself against unnecessary bad sales to give away valuable margin or to make unnecessary payment. Also special discounts are to be quickly applied to yours offers. This claim you have – this claim, but you can hardly comply with it manually.

SnapTrade – Automated Control

The powerful XML interface allows access to your articles and enables the rapid price adjustment and stock update. Inventory management, vendor data, and more, can thus be connected in an elegant manner, implying a coherent overall system. In this way you can fulfill the high quality demands of your customers and the hard quality criteria of Amazon. In addition, your administrative burden is minimized.

Automate sensitive data professionally

Maybe you already considered automated price and stock data transfer, but do not know how to do that? Just as you have specialized in retail, there are professional provider that will create a customized solution. Why not make it easy and contact us?