Professional Handling of Your Data

As powerful an Oracle environment might be as complex and time-consuming a solution in case of an error could be. A professional management of your databases is necessary.

Is Your Data Safe?

Even if you have already invested a lot of money in hardware backup solutions and pay handsome amounts annually at Oracle, your data is not safe. It is not only about hardware failures and unauthorized access, but also unavoidable human error. Always be prepared for the worst-case and develop a preventive strategy. Nothing is worse than losing sensitive data.

10 Years of Oracle Know-How

Oracle offers a database management solution that is efficient and scalable. The environment can be tailored for your business. A rich know-how has been built up in the database environment when dealing with software and hardware from over the past 10 years of practical use in high-availability environments:

High Availability

  • Real Application Cluster (RAC)
  • RMAN Backup Solutions & Restore Verification
  • Dataguard, active Dataguard, Standby Systems
  • TAF – Transparent Application Failover


  • PL/SQL & Query Tuning
  • Oracle RDBMS Optimization
  • Partitioning / Materialized Views

Storage Technologies

  • Oracle ASM – Automatic Storage Management
  • Extension, Load- BurnIn-tests of SAN-environments (EMC, Fujitsu)
  • Raid-Configuration / -Optimization
  • Flash-Technologies: RamSan, Violin, FusionIO

Server Technologies

  • Scaling & Benchmarks for optimal Oracle license model
  • Peripherie-Capability
  • External Connectivity: 10GBit, Fibre-Channel etc.

Prepare Yourself

With the right experts on your side, you can overcome challenges that lie ahead and give your business the necessary security. You are then prepared for the future and will not lose valuable investment.