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Our additional modules perfect your business!

ebay Repricing

Stay competitive on ebay and keep an eye on your competition!

Take advantage of the easy-to-use interface and power of SnapTrade for ebay. Compare your offers with offers of the competition. SnapTrade finds the right suggestions and also gives you detailed insight into your competition. SnapTrade makes it easy to set up so you can get started as fast as possible.


Increase your BuyBox-Quote by observing all relevant BuyBox criteria and not just depending on the competitor price!

BuyBox-MAX strategy helps in the perfect positioning of your offers against the competition. For each offer, the correct price difference is determined in order to obtain the BuyBox-field. The BuyBox-MAX strategy takes into account seller performance, delivery and processing times as well as the shipping method. Whether you have selffullfilled shipping, Prime or FBA - the BuyBox-MAX determines the correct price distance. This gives you a better sales quota as well as an improved margin.

ASIN-wide Repricing

Include comparable products in repricing!

The ASIN-wide repricing allows you to consider offers of comparable ASIN's in price optimization. All you need to do is to link the ASIN's to the article. This price comparison is suitable for individual or brand-protected products.