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Real-time Repricing for Amazon - clever and reliable.

Increase your sales and make sure you get an optimized margin with the real-time repricing solution. SnapTrade's sophisticated repricing strategies enable the strategic implementation of your market positioning.

SnapTrade - Repricing for Amazon


Optimize your margin. SnapTrade can do more than just best rate calculation .

  • Jump Back ... if gap is to big
  • Cool Down ... in weak sales times
  • Trap ... catch competitors repricing

in Real-time

Repricing with individual strategies - always a step ahead to your competition.

  • Repricing in 3 Minute Intervals
  • Powerful XML-API
  • Multiple Marketplaces within one Account

Analyzes, Forecasts & Recommendations

Observe your products and competition and respond strategically.

  • Product Analysis
  • Price Analysis
  • Competition Analysis


SnapTrade - Repricing for Amazon

Engage your competitors with sophisticated strategies. With repricing in real time, you are on the top.

Shop Management

SnapTrade - Repricing for Amazon

Always observe your products, and your competition to increase your revenue and sales figures.


SnapTrade - Repricing for Amazon

Trust the powerful platform and always access the newest software version without worrying much about IT.


SnapTrade - Repricing for Amazon

Benefit from SnapTrade with simple calculable costs.

  • Preisoptimierung mit raffinierten Strategien
  • Wettbewerbs- & Sortimentsanalyse
  • Zugriff auf historische Daten
  • Analysen zu Prozessverbessung und Geschäftsumfeld
  • Wartungsfreier Onlineservice - SaaS
  • Weltweiter, abgesicherter Zugang
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