Customised applications

No two companies are alike – neither in terms of products nor processes. This is what makes it unique and is your unique selling point. Only with customised solutions can you achieve perfect integration into your processes. Do not adapt the processes of a standard software!

You provide the specifications. – We implement them.

We are happy to accompany you in the optimisation and automation of your business and production processes. Together we create a concept to find the most effective solution. In doing so, we make sure to gain the deepest possible insight into your processes in order to optimise the positive effects on the overall process.

Every application area has its charm.

No matter what industry you are in – as soon as IT becomes indispensable, there is a need to keep up with global progress. Diverse projects have expanded our know-how and we have specialised in the following areas:

  • Internet – building highly available internet platforms à la SnapTrade and SnapDesk.
  • Enterprise software – Intranet solutions for master and transaction data management, BI tools and reporting.
  • Process automation – processing data and executing actions
  • Data mining – building up local databases and in-depth analysis processes

Together we implement projects.

From the first meeting, the development of the specifications, the offer to the actual realisation of the individual solutions, we are there for you. We look after your project and make it ours at the same time. The more interesting a project seems, the more creative and unusual the solution will be. In the process we discover:

  • Potential – which was previously hidden
  • Savings – that are calculable and make us independent
  • Clarity – where before there was ignorance