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Analysis – Discover Potential

To have many selected products in range and increasing sales should be your goal. This will achieve a stable and predictable revenue. However, without the appropriate analysis, it is not easy to find and manage the best-selling products.

The product range is the key to success

What products are hot or not? What products you should definitely include in your range? SnapTrade’s analysis shows clearly and unequivocally why some products sell well and some are slow-moving. Surely you have developed a feeling for your range over the years, which SnapTrade can not replace. In addition, SnapTrade can not pick up the purchase of goods for favorable conditions only available by your negotiation skills.

Nevertheless, SnapTrade will help with clear facts displayed for all important decisions:

  • How does sales and revenue develop?
  • What was the price trend and the seasonal trend of the products?
  • Which top-selling products should also be included in the products range?

This is just a small sample of the possible options, which can be analyzed by SnapTrade. You will realize how easily dealing with an extensive product range is.

Scrutinize your competition

It’s no secret that Amazon is a huge marketplace with enormous potential for revenue generation. Consequently, the competition is huge and the deals are calculated badass. Precisely for this reason it is necessary to check your competitors in order to understand their own weaknesses and analyze the strengths of the competition. If you can solve the riddles you can benefit from them.

SnapTrade used to analyze not only the details of your product range but also knows much of the product range of the competition. This will give a far-reaching transparency of competitors in SnapTrade:

  • How many articles does the competitor sell on average and how many sales does he achieve?
  • What is the average deviation to my offer price?
  • Does he offer the goods as FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon)?
  • Which shipping options are mostly used?
  • Which articles are most often sold?

SnapTrade will give you direct comparison between your sales efforts and your competition. This allows to make improvements to your processes and slowly increase your portion on the market.