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Strategies with Finesse

It is important to have the cheapest offer in order to realize sales. If all sellers act purely thereafter, the result would be the absolutely unacceptable minimum selling price with the correspondingly small margin. But because of the ingenious strategies of SnapTrade you can get more out of the margin.

Many repricing solutions are available. But the unique capabilities of SnapTrade clearly show the advantages over the competition.

In addition to the allocation of general strategy use anywhere on Amazon marketplace, strategies can also be stored for certain articles. The assignment can be made manually or using the XML-interface. This will give you the maximum flexibility.

Jump Back

If the price distance to the rest of the offers is to big because of a single competitor, you can jump back to the third offer. This prevented the rapid decline in prices.

Cool Down

Let the prices cool down by increasing your offer price. This is possible especially in the early morning hours. Other competitors will follow accordingly.


Predictable price changes could move competitors repricing fall into a trap, if false price change is done just before a price is set. SnapTrade will notice if the attempt miscarried and revise accordingly.

Shipping duration and Quality

Customers expect a reliable, fast shipping. You do not need to compete with any of the providers if they don’t offer this kind of service. You can exclude offers that appear unacceptable.

Special Competitors

For some competitors a special price rule is needed. Specify how you want to react to this offer.

* Trap is currently available for internal testing only