While the inhibition threshold for returns in retail is still above average, the return rate is also increasing with the growth of online trading. In this exciting article you will find out what you as an online retailer can do to find out the reasons for the flood of returns and use this knowledge to reduce your return rate in the long term.

Produkttexte schreiben am PC

Writing product texts has to be learned. An ideal product description is more than simply reciting the features of an item: it provides information about the product, conveys the company’s own brand message, creates trust and encourages people to buy. To ensure that you succeed in balancing product information and sales magnets in your product texts, we present some basic rules for writing article descriptions in this article. We’ll also show you how to create engaging product pages using best practices.

E-Commerce-Strategie: Marktplatz oder Onlineshop

There are various ways and solutions to design your first entry into online trading. Whether you have your own online shop or via the Amazon and ebay marketplaces – one thing is certain, whoever wants to trade online has a whole range of options. In this blog post we reveal which sales platform is best for you.

The entry into e-commerce offers retailers new opportunities, but at the same time presents them with incredibly great challenges, since from now on they are in a field of tension between growth and market concentration. Marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay or Zalando are particularly tempting and promising. In this blog, you can find out how retailers achieve healthy and sustainable growth on the marketplaces.

Did you know how incredibly large the pool of undiscovered Fulfillment by Amazon errors is? Of course mistakes can happen, but they should never go undetected, because in the worst case these mistakes can lead to traders losing hard cash. Read about what causes the most common FBA errors and how traders uncover them in order to get their lost money back in this blog post.

E-commerce has revolutionized retail, opening up new markets has never been easier. In particular, marketplaces such as Amazon, Ebay & Co. make internationalization uncomplicated, but that does not mean that there are not a few things to consider. We’ll show you which points you should definitely consider when it comes to internationalization if you are planning an expansion for your company.