In view of the consequences of the corona pandemic, the federal government has agreed on a temporary reduction in VAT. However, the Ministry of Economic Affairs emphasized that it is the decision of the individual company or retailer to pass on the VAT reduction to consumers. The right to free pricing is not abolished! There is no obligation to lower the offer prices. In order to avoid possible (high) price errors and to remain competitive, it is advisable to adjust the necessary price ranges for your repricing during this period. So what SnapTrade users need to know now is in this post.

In a few weeks, the sale posters should be decorating the shopping streets again and crowds of people should storm the shopping centers. But this year, the big sell-off will be very different from usual. The reason for this is obvious, because the coronavirus will be a very topical issue for some time to come. In this blog we reveal how online retailers win this special challenge for themselves and place their offer even better.

Free shipping has become a basic requirement in the minds of users. On Amazon in particular, users expect the best product quality, the best service and the best price, as well as fast and free shipping. You can find out here how retailers can meet these requirements and how they can successfully position themselves in the BuyBox.

According to industry estimates, the winner of the BuyBox scores 9 out of 10 orders. The goal of every retailer should therefore be to be able to offer as many products as possible in the Amazon BuyBox. In this blog we will tell you what advantages the space in the BuyBox offers and how you can win the BuyBox for yourself.

Do you spend a lot of time manually keeping track of different marketplaces and updating your prices every day? Our service automates your prices and provides you with all the important information in a summarized and clear manner. In this article we have taken a close look at why you should rely on SnapTrade and how you can best start with it.

If you want to shop at Amazon, you will often see the designation “Amazon’s Choice” in addition to the label “Bestseller”. But what does that actually mean? And according to which criteria are products selected with Amazon’s Choice? In our article, we take a closer look at the Amazon label and examine which criteria a retailer must meet in order to win the label for their product. Have fun!

Taschenrechner zur Preiskalkulation

The price of a product often decides whether a particular retailer is even considered when shopping online or not. However, the balancing act between a competitive price and an attractive margin is often a difficult undertaking. In this blog post, we will show you which factors you should definitely take into account when calculating the price for your online shop and give you a practical calculation example.

So berechnen Sie die Kosten für Ihr FBA

Amazon FBA offers real advantages for many entrepreneurs, because internal order processing is a not inconsiderable time commitment that ties up resources and requires logistics that smaller retailers in particular cannot always provide. However, Amazon fulfillment is not without its drawbacks, as it incurs costs that should definitely find their way into your price calculations. This is the only way to make sure that an FBA business is actually a profitable one for you. In this article we explain which items make up your FBA costs.

A maximum of 5% of all purchases on Amazon are then also rated. It has long been clear that one of the most important factors in selling successfully on Amazon is product reviews. In this article you will find out why reviews on Amazon are so enormously important for retailers and how retailers can use simple tricks to win more reviews, beat the competition and earn more money in the long term.

If users are looking for a specific product, they should preferably use Amazon’s product search. In this blog you can read how you, as a retailer, place your offers in comparison to the many other offers from competitors and how you use price optimization across ASINs.