Christmas sales in e-commerce – find products with potential

94 percent of Germans want to use online channels for their Christmas shopping in order to escape the hustle and bustle in the shopping center. This means that only six percent of those surveyed shop purely offline. The Christmas stroll is becoming more and more a digital experience, which of course not only pleases the individual retailers but also the marketplace giant Amazon. Reason enough for all sellers to prepare their product range for the most beautiful and most consuming time of the year. It is essential for retailers whether they go into the Christmas business with the right products and advertise them in the best possible way. Read in this blog how you can get the best possible out of your product range and how our ASIN advisor tool can support you.

So finden Sie Produkte im Weihnachtsgeschäft

Assortment listing and purchasing of goods

It’s the beginning of October and gingerbread, tree trunks and the like have been piling up on the shelves of our supermarkets for a few weeks now. Every year we ask ourselves why there are Christmas cookies to buy in late summer. But the Christmas business does not only start so early in brick-and-mortar retail, the promising Christmas business is also starting now in e-commerce.

In order to determine your range of products for the upcoming Christmas business, you should therefore start to analyze and evaluate last year’s Christmas business now. Investigate which products were particularly in demand and which were less. Which of your items generated the most sales and which did not sell successfully. Then you can think about which of the products should be in your range this year. To do this, you should create a product portfolio and use it to purchase your goods. For this reason, it is important to avoid bottlenecks and delivery difficulties through targeted and thorough warehouse and range planning. If popular products are no longer available at a certain point, the company may lose an enormous share of sales and potential is wasted. As the Christmas season approaches, it is also important to replenish stocks and thus avoid delivery problems.

Market potential and trend products

Furthermore, you should also have a look at the development and future of current market events on the marketplaces. Products that are trendy, advertised by influencers on social networks or by large TV companies are the absolute hit at Christmas, especially among young to middle-aged society. Online retailers should definitely take this development into account when planning their range for the upcoming Christmas business. Since the endless market for products and various retailers quickly becomes unmanageable, you should approach the search for new products systematically. The development, production and operation of a product are time-consuming and costly for companies. So that you don’t run into ruin naively, you should determine whether the effort pays off for your market and whether the product is also worthwhile for your company. There are many tools that can help retailers with a market or competition analysis so that they can better assess the current status and potential of the products.

Amazon Product Research – Find niches and articles with potential with the ASIN AdvisorASINs findne mit dem ASIN-Advisor

Our solution, the ASIN advisor supports retailers in optimally expanding their range and in finding trend products and articles with sales potential. The clever advisor tracks down sales opportunities for you while it constantly analyzes the 40 million products on the German Amazon marketplace in order to discover the top 10% of the products in each category. The analysis provides you with valuable information on top seller brands, the density of competitors and listing suggestions.

The dealer overview provides you with information on 10,000 significant relevant Amazon dealers. In addition to access to the top 10 ASINs of your competitors, you get a lot of other interesting data at a glance. Furthermore, our tool shows you the prices at which the articles are traded on the marketplace. This supports you in increasing your sales opportunities and keeping control over your purchasing sources and conditions. With our ASIN advisor, you can stay competitive, find products with potential and expand your own market position in the long term.

Checklist for listing the range for the Christmas season

  1. Evaluation of your last Christmas business and subsequent list of the range
  2. Analyze the market potential of new products and trend products
  3. Do the purchase of goods
  4. Brief logistics partner


For the strategic and successful planning in the Christmas business, a previous list of the range is essential. Our tool is the ASIN advisor the ideal companion for identifying products with potential and integrating them into your range with ease. If you have clearly recognized why some products sell well and others are slow-moving, you will not only generate more sales and significantly higher profits in the Christmas business, but also build your market position in the long term. Benefit from the clever & strategic functions of our advisor for a successful Christmas business and beyond.

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