What does cross-ASIN price optimization mean?

If users are looking for a specific product, they should preferably use the product search of Amazon . Amazon generates a list of well-placed suggestions that the customer can use to select and buy their item. On the one hand, this gives you a rough overview of the various choices and, on the other hand, you can see at a glance which price segment you are in. In this blog you can find out how you place your offers in comparison to the many other offers from competitors and how you can use price optimization across ASINs.

Include other products in your pricing strategy

You have a good, unique product – something artistic: for example a picture – or an item protected by your own brand. Usually there are comparable offers on Amazon, which are suggested to the buyer during the Amazon product search. Your potential customer now has the choice between your offer and the offers of your competitors. Of course, the price also plays an important role! Improve your sales opportunities by keeping an eye on these offers and making your offer attractively priced.

Amazon FBA

Here is an easy to understand example:

As you can see from the examples shown, there are other comparable offers that are offered to prospective buyers during product research. These offers are advertised with the shipping method “Free Shipping by Amazon” (FBA). In order to be able to place your own offer better, you can choose a cheaper price in order to remain competitive with the FBA offer. The prerequisite for this is of course that you can achieve this sales price with a margin.

Leave the cross-ASIN price optimization SnapTrade

Monitoring and reviewing your offers and those of your competitors can be cumbersome and time consuming. Keep an overview with the help of SnapTrade and see immediately when the competitor’s offer is cheaper or sold out so that you can sell again with a higher margin! SnapTrade’s cross-ASIN price optimization enables you to easily assign comparable offers to your articles using the ASIN. This assignment helps you to constantly monitor the prices of comparable offers. In addition, offers with third-party ASINs are taken into account in price optimization as if they were actual offers from competitors.

Keep an eye on the market for your price management and optimize your online business on Amazon.

Application examples for cross-ASIN price optimization

Use our for these areas:

  • individual products should be compared with similar products
  • Branded products should be compared with products of the same type
  • your own product should not be more expensive than a higher-quality product


With SnapTrade you keep an eye on the market for your price management! Save time by using the ASIN-wide price optimization in the future by saving manual effort. SnapTrade gives you a comprehensive overview and reacts immediately. With this application you gain valuable time for your core competency: professional online sales.

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Cross-ASIN price optimization

If users are looking for a specific product, they should preferably use Amazon's product search. In this blog you can read how you, as a retailer, place your offers in comparison to the many other offers from competitors and how you use price optimization across ASINs.

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