Secret success factor: With free shipping in the BuyBox?

For some years now, free shipping has become a basic requirement in the minds of users. Especially on the marketplaces, buyers expect the best product quality, the best service and the best prices, as well as fast and free shipping. These high customer demands and the increasing competitive pressure that comes with it are a challenge for dealers. You can find out here how sellers meet these requirements and how they can successfully position themselves as a result.

Do the shipping costs affect the allocation of the BuyBox?

Of course, Amazon wants to retain its customers, improve the online shopping experience and thus increase sales. Cheap and transparent prices attract customers in online retail, which is why Amazon deliberately prefers free shipping offers. Even if an offer with shipping costs is cheaper, the free shipping alternative ends up in the BuyBox. We have already seen in this one how important this placement is Contribution explained and considering that 90% of all sales take place via the BuyBox, you should definitely approach this topic in the future.

Here is a classic example that not the price, but the shipping costs are given priority:

Offer price 11.70 eurosOffer price 14.40 euros
+ Shipping costs 2.60 eurosFREE SHIPPING
Total price 14.30 eurosTotal price 14.40 euros

Does the shopping cart suggestion beat the offer list?

As can be seen in the picture, the offer list shows seller A with 11.70 euros plus Shipping costs at the top because it has the cheaper price. However, since the majority of Amazon customers trust the shopping cart proposal, the purchase is completed immediately via the BuyBox without checking the offer list. Seller B won this with his free shipping offer, although he is offering the higher price of 14.40 euros.

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Increase BuyBox share through new automated price calculation?Calculate sales price

The first step in order to continue to sell successfully in the future begins with calculating your sales prices. Start to recalculate your prices and, if this allows, change your shipping model. You will be optimally supported by our software which can relieve you of the workload by calculating the exact sales price. Based on the purchase price and other calculation factors of your product, the price limits in SnapTrade easily calculated automatically. Trust this innovative solution and make a significant contribution to your competitiveness so that the BuyBox will soon be yours.


In general, just focusing on the Amazon BuyBox will help you generate more sales. However, you should think this through carefully so as not to affect your profitability. If you want to implement the tips mentioned in this blog post, these optimization measures should be strategically and efficiently aligned and, if possible, be carried out with the support of software.

If you would like to receive more information about Amazon and general topics about optimization and selling via the marketplaces, you can go through our selection Blog posts rummage.

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