New features for eBay shops: All changes at a glance

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eBay is as much a part of e-commerce as butter is on bread. Since it was founded in 1995, the platform has evolved from an online auction house into one of the largest marketplaces for private and commercial dealers. There have been numerous innovations for retailers over the years, and the platform will have some of them ready again in 2021. In this article we explain what changes have been made and how you can use the new features for your eBay business.

What eBay changes are planned for 2021?

In 2021, eBay will come up with a number of innovations that will affect different areas of the marketplace. For example, the user interface is standardized with a new setting tool. In addition to updates to the article features, retailers now also have the option of running automatic ad and voucher campaigns.

When will the innovations become active?

The eBay changes were announced at the end of the first quarter of 2021. However, the features are only gradually being rolled out and are initially only available to a small group of users. The innovations should then be made available to all commercial dealers by summer at the latest.

Who can use the new eBay features?

The updates are aimed at commercial traders on eBay who use one of four shop subscriptions on the platform. The new functions can then be selected via the free Seller Cockpit Pro, the back end of the eBay shop. Portals for private sales, such as eBay classifieds, are unaffected by the changes.

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eBay changes 2021: All functions clearly explained

We briefly mentioned the new features on eBay earlier in the article. Below we take a look at each feature in detail.

New adjustment tool

With its revised listing tool, eBay wants to standardize the creation of new products. The user interface is now the same for all end devices and offers the same functions.

That is new:

  • Article backgrounds can now also be removed on desktop (previously this was only possible via the mobile user interface).
  • Settings such as selected shipping options, the offer format or other general conditions are now saved by the setting tool and preselected when creating new products.
  • New keyboard shortcuts speed up the hiring process.

eBay is gradually activating the new listing tool for its dealers. They can then switch to the new interface when creating new products.

eBay listing tool interface

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Voucher code assignment

The e-commerce giant now enables eBay shop operators to carry out targeted discount campaigns with the help of voucher codes. These can be controlled via the Seller Cockpit Pro in the “Marketing” tab.

This includes the voucher function:

  • You are free to determine the type of discount and decide whether it is a fixed amount, a percentage or a volume discount.
  • If you wish, you can define a minimum order value, limit the frequency of use of the discount and determine articles that should be excluded or included for the promotion.
  • Limit the period of use of your vouchers and specify a fixed marketing budget for the discount campaign.

Automated ad creation

eBay ads can be used to specifically advertise products in eBay shops. So far, however, the ads always had to be created completely by hand. eBay is now implementing a function that can automate the creation of advertisements according to clearly defined rules. This is particularly worthwhile for retailers with a large product portfolio.

How it works:

  • You can use filter functions to select offers whose ads you want to create automatically and, for example, only advertise certain product categories and/or items within a fixed price range.
  • Once you have defined your filters accordingly, choose an appropriate ad tariff. A fixed amount can be selected for this, alternatively the tariff can also be adjusted dynamically. The system recommends an amount that you can use as a guide. In addition, an upper and lower price limit can also be set.

Updated item specifics

Since more and more online shops – and with them more and more products – are finding their way onto eBay, the marketplace is now adapting its item specifications for a number of categories. These are:

  • Clothing, shoes and accessories
  • collectibles
  • media
  • musical instruments
  • vehicle parts and accessories
  • sporting goods

The new item features in these categories are intended to help customers find products even faster and make the marketplace more user-friendly overall. According to eBay, new features are not immediately mandatory for retailers, but they can improve the display frequency in search results. Over time, the marketplace will also change the characteristics to mandatory information.

Tip: You can find a list of all item specifics for each product category via the following link.

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