Amazon’s Choice: How to get the Amazon label for your products

If you want to shop at Amazon , you will often see the designation ” Amazon’s Choice ” in addition to the label “Bestseller”. Any user who discovers the Amazon’s Choice seal next to a product assumes that it was specially selected by Amazon and that its quality is convincing. But what does that actually mean? And according to which criteria are products awarded Amazon’s Choice? In our article, we take a closer look at the Amazon label and examine which criteria a retailer must meet in order to win it for their product.

What is the Amazon’s Choice label?

Amazon’s Choice was first introduced in 2015 to make shopping easier for the Echo speaker. When shopping with the Alexa voice assistant, products that have the Amazon’s Choice seal are first listed. However, Choice items are not available in all product categories, but only in those that can currently be bought via Amazon Echo by voice command. The Amazon’s Choice label is a purchase recommendation from Amazon. Products that are popular with buyers, are well rated and offer good value for money receive the Amazon’s Choice seal.

What is the difference between “Amazon’s Choice” and “Best Seller”?

Best Sellers & Amazon's Choice Items labeled Amazon’s Choice get more clicks, fewer returns, and higher ratings than other items in this segment. Bestsellers are items that have been bought the most. However, this does not take into account how well a product is rated or how often it is returned.

With 6 tricks to the Amazon’s Choice label

The Amazon’s Choice label means more attention and thus more potential buyers – the sales figures for products with the label are possibly 300 percent higher. To date, Amazon has not officially commented on the procedure and corresponding criteria. In the forum for Amazon resellers , however, there is some information that can be traced back to the distribution of the Choice label.

These would be:

  • low return rate
  • at least 4 star rating
  • high click and conversion rate
  • Prime delivery
  • Amazon SEO
  • good price

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What can retailers do to get the Amazon’s Choice label?

The products awarded the Choice label are rated with at least 4 stars. Also of great relevance is a low return rate, which can be achieved, for example, through detailed product descriptions and high-quality images. In addition, fast availability and delivery times play a particularly important role in the distribution of the Choice label. In addition, the products provided with the label are always prime-qualified. It can therefore be even more worthwhile for retailers to use shipping via Amazon (FBA). In order for an item to become Amazon’s Choice, the majority of users must come across the product when they type in a certain keyword and then also buy it. In order to receive the Choice label, the product and keyword must be very strongly associated. Good Amazon SEO is therefore essential when awarding the choice label.

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As already mentioned, Amazon’s Choice is a purchase recommendation from Amazon. Accordingly, Amazon identifies popular and well-rated products that are particularly convincing due to their price-performance ratio. However, the Choice label is no guarantee of this. Amazon saves previous search queries made by buyers and uses them to create a model of which items could also be recommended for a customer. Of course, as a seller, it is worthwhile to receive the seal, as this can increase sales and increase the chance of being recognized as a bestseller. However, as there is no official statement from Amazon on the exact criteria that determine why a product does not have the Choice label, retailers should never optimize their products solely for this purpose.

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