Preisoptimierung Preisverfall oder Chance

Statements that repricing on Amazon, ebay and in regular online trading destroy prices and thus the margins can be heard again and again these days. From a subjective point of view this may actually be true, but a sober, objective point of view only results in attractive and competitive prices.

Free shipping has become a basic requirement in the minds of users. On Amazon in particular, users expect the best product quality, the best service and the best price, as well as fast and free shipping. You can find out here how retailers can meet these requirements and how they can successfully position themselves in the BuyBox.

Kundenorientierte Preispolitik – Hand eines Mannes tippt etwas in den Taschenrechner

A customer-oriented price strategy in e-commerce has always been one of the most important criteria for sustainable success. If it does seem sensible to adjust the price to the expectations of the retailer and at the same time to consider the needs of the consumer, this is not always easy for retailers to implement. You can read in this blog post how and why retailers should structure their prices in a customer-oriented manner without losing margins.

In order to be successful in e-commerce in the long term, retailers can no longer avoid adjusting their product prices these days. While a few years ago it was sufficient to occasionally control the prices of the competition, this is no longer sufficient today. It is not uncommon for retailers to change their prices several times a day or hourly. Since this process can hardly be done manually for retailers, automated price optimization including a sophisticated strategy is essential. In this article we explain how retailers determine the optimal sales price and how our repricing strategies can support them.

In a few weeks, the sale posters should be decorating the shopping streets again and crowds of people should storm the shopping centers. But this year, the big sell-off will be very different from usual. The reason for this is obvious, because the coronavirus will be a very topical issue for some time to come. In this blog we reveal how online retailers win this special challenge for themselves and place their offer even better.

Business decisions are primarily influenced by one thing – numbers, numbers, numbers. Whole processes are reduced to mathematical sizes and ultimately guided by them. Certain key figures provide information about the product and sales performance and which screws still need to be turned in order to improve the result. In the following blog post we examine the most important key figures that every Amazon seller needs to know in order to perform successfully on the marketplace.

So finden Sie Produkte im Weihnachtsgeschäft

94 percent of Germans want to use online channels for their Christmas shopping in order to escape the hustle and bustle in the shopping center. The Christmas stroll is becoming more and more a digital experience, which of course not only pleases the individual retailers but also the marketplace giant Amazon. Reason enough for all sellers to prepare their range for the most consuming time of the year. It is essential for retailers whether they go into the Christmas business with the right products. Read in this blog how you can get the best possible out of your product range and how our ASIN advisor tool can support you.

Today, 8 out of 10 online retailers still adjust the price data of their competitors manually instead of using an automated solution. What are the advantages of automated tools and what are the disadvantages of manual price monitoring? In this article, we’ll show you five reasons why you should stop manual repricing as soon as possible.