Produkttexte schreiben am PC

Writing product texts has to be learned. An ideal product description is more than simply reciting the features of an item: it provides information about the product, conveys the company’s own brand message, creates trust and encourages people to buy. To ensure that you succeed in balancing product information and sales magnets in your product texts, we present some basic rules for writing article descriptions in this article. We’ll also show you how to create engaging product pages using best practices.

So berechnen Sie die Kosten für Ihr FBA

Amazon FBA offers real advantages for many entrepreneurs, because internal order processing is a not inconsiderable time commitment that ties up resources and requires logistics that smaller retailers in particular cannot always provide. However, Amazon fulfillment is not without its drawbacks, as it incurs costs that should definitely find their way into your price calculations. This is the only way to make sure that an FBA business is actually a profitable one for you. In this article we explain which items make up your FBA costs.

Under the name, three founders sell high-quality remaining stock and discontinued collections from well-known sports and fashion item manufacturers. In an exciting interview with one of the managing directors, you will learn how the outlet retailer deals with the constant pressure of competition and how he manages to position himself successfully online with the help of SnapTrade price optimization.

If users are looking for a specific product, they should preferably use Amazon’s product search. In this blog you can read how you, as a retailer, place your offers in comparison to the many other offers from competitors and how you use price optimization across ASINs.

Das Bild zeigt zwei Einkaufswagen, die sinnbildlich für die Amazon BuyBox stehen,

According to industry estimates, the winner of the BuyBox scores 9 out of 10 orders. The goal of every retailer should therefore be to be able to offer as many products as possible in the Amazon BuyBox. In this blog we will tell you what advantages the space in the BuyBox offers and how you can win the BuyBox for yourself.

Just because retailers offer their goods at the lowest price doesn’t mean that customers will only buy from you. Of course, a low price is an important criterion for many buyers, but it is by no means a guarantee of success – neither to get into the Amazon BuyBox, nor to be at the top of important keywords. Read about why the cheapest price is not always the best in this blog!

Preisoptimierung Preisverfall oder Chance

Statements that repricing on Amazon, ebay and in regular online trading destroy prices and thus the margins can be heard again and again these days. From a subjective point of view this may actually be true, but a sober, objective point of view only results in attractive and competitive prices.

Free shipping has become a basic requirement in the minds of users. On Amazon in particular, users expect the best product quality, the best service and the best price, as well as fast and free shipping. You can find out here how retailers can meet these requirements and how they can successfully position themselves in the BuyBox.

E-Commerce-Strategie: Marktplatz oder Onlineshop

There are various ways and solutions to design your first entry into online trading. Whether you have your own online shop or via the Amazon and ebay marketplaces – one thing is certain, whoever wants to trade online has a whole range of options. In this blog post we reveal which sales platform is best for you.

The entry into e-commerce offers retailers new opportunities, but at the same time presents them with incredibly great challenges, since from now on they are in a field of tension between growth and market concentration. Marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay or Zalando are particularly tempting and promising. In this blog, you can find out how retailers achieve healthy and sustainable growth on the marketplaces.